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Ayurvedic Hair Oil: Ways to Make the Best Out of It?

Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Since childhood, our dadis and nanis always advised us for regular hair oiling, or champis,  for hair growth and strength. This was considered as a routine in almost every Indian household with our elders convincing us of various advantages related to regular hair oiling, leaving oil overnight for better nourishment, and moisturizing our hair and scalp positively. There are certainly many benefits of oiling your hair as it can help your hair look lustrous, repair damage, and provide nourishment to your hair. 

Ayurvedic Hair Oil contains various natural ingredients that can protect the follicle from surfactants by filling the gap between cuticle cells. Oiling your hair with Ayurvedic herbal hair oil is an exceptional way to promote hair growth and hair nourishment. Protect your hair scalp and shafts from environmental damage, and make them less prone to breakage or split ends with an ayurvedic hair oil. But we, sometimes feel that our hair oil is not showing the results as promised by the brands. This a sign for you all to learn some right techniques to get the desired results from your hair oil and make the best out of it.

Here are some recommendations on how you can make the best out of your Ayurvedic Hair oil:

1. Don’t leave your Ayurvedic hair oil overnight:

Yes, you read it correctly. Leaving your hair oil overnight is a myth. It does nothing to your hair but can invite pollutants or dust to stick to your hair strands if left for a longer time. Applying hair oil for a few hours before hair wash is considered equally good for your hair growth and provides deep nourishment to your hair.

2. Oil your hair scalp and strands:

Oiling your hair does wonders for your hair but it is a common myth to just apply natural oils on your scalp and not on strands. However, it is equally important to massage your hair’s scalp and strands along with a good light massage so that it can be easy for your hair to absorb the vital components of the oil.

3. All hair oils are not the same:

Just like no two individuals have the same body type, similarly, our hair type is also different. Thus, we need to study and select a hair oil that suits our hair type. While choosing hair oil we need to consider our hair concerns like, hair fall, dandruff, split ends, etc. 

4. Applying the desired quantity of hair oil:

This is an essential point to consider while applying hair oil. For generations, we have been told that more quantity of oil will provide more nourishment. However, it is very important to use only the desired quantity to avoid clogging your hair follicles. Just 7-8 drops, depending on your hair length,  are good enough for your hair to provide nourishment. 

5. Light massage with Ayurvedic hair oil:

While oiling your hair with an ayurvedic hair oil, some people go for a very rigorous and hard massage which harms the scalp and pulls your hair from your hair follicle. Hair oils need to be massaged very softly and lightly to help the hair oil penetrate deep into the hair and provide nourishment. 

6. Wrap your head with a warm cloth after oiling:

To avoid pollutants and dust entering your hair barrier due to hair oil, you should tie your hair in a bun and wrap a warm cloth. This will not only protect your hair but also the warmth will help oil to penetrate and deeply nourish your hair which will promote hair growth and will prevent your hair fall. But do make sure you don’t wrap your hair very tightly which may lead to pulling your hair and cause damage.

7. Rinse it off well with a shampoo:

After applying hair oil, it is essential to rinse off your hair to remove the oil from your scalp. Shampoo-ing your hair is essential to wash off the oil but one also needs to make sure that you are not using too much of it as that may lead to washing off your natural oil and cause more damage than good.


Ayurvedic Hair oils help to reverse the damage, prevent damage and split ends, and reduce hair fall and dandruff. The hair oiling creates a protective barrier and adds a lustrous shine to your hair when used with the right techniques. 

Which is the best Ayurvedic hair Oil?

Ayuugain Ayurvedic Hair Oil and Argan Hair Oil with Biotin are the two Ayurvedic hair oils that are formulated to provide all the essential nutrients to your hair. They are suitable for all hair types. It is made with paak vidhi and natural ingredients, without parabens or paraffin, and is completely free from any chemicals. These hair oils are made from ancient Ayurvedic techniques. These hair oils promote hair growth, and hair regrowth, control hair fall and dandruff, prevent split ends, and are completely free from any side effects so that they can be used daily. 

Time to celebrate every day as a GOOD HAIR DAY with AYUUGAIN AYURVEDIC HAIR CARE RANGE.

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