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Ayuugain Ayurvedic Hair Oil 100ml

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    Product Benefits

    • Stops Premature Greying of Hair.
    • Prevents Dandruff & Hair Falls.
    • Helps In Better Hair Growth.
    • Stops Split Ends.
    • Helps to Bring Back Blackness & Shine.
    100% Pure & Natural Ingredients
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    Information about Ayuugain Ayurvedic Hair Oil

    Multiple people deal with hair and scalp problems on a daily basis. Lots of factors like bad diet, pollution, artificial hair treatments, and improper hair care result in multiple hair problems. These include issues like frizzy hair, hair damage, rough scalp, dandruff, oily scalp, and hair loss. To deal with these issues, Ayuugain is here with Pure Ayurvedic Hair Oil that naturally protects your hair condition. Plus, by massaging this on your Scalp can give shiny undamaged hair, reduce dandruff, premature greying, and split ends.

    Key Ingredients of Ayuugain Ayurvedic Hair Oil

    • Sesame oil: It contains 80 ml of Sesame oil, which is really effective against dandruff and rough scalp. Its occlusive properties help reduce itching and flaky skin as well.
    • Almond Oil: We put 20 ml of Almond oil into this product. It promotes good hair growth and reduces split ends.
    • Bhringraj: With 100 mg of this ingredient, you can get lustrous dark hair and much less greying. It makes the hair stronger and healthier as well.
    • Amla: This Ayurvedic oil for hair fall contains 40 mg of Amla. It naturally stimulates the scalp, promotes hair growth, and lowers hair loss.
    • Harad: With 30 mg of Harad, you can expect less hair loss. It has important hair-growth nutrients like copper, iron, selenium, manganese, and Vitamin C.
    • Baheda: We added 20mg of Baheda to repair dull and worn-out hair, besides reducing dandruff
    • Nagarmotha: This best Ayurvedic hair oil for regrowth contains 30 mg of Nagarmotha. It cleans the scalp of dirt and dandruff, and it reduces itchiness.
    • Majith: The 50 mg of Majith purifies the scalp-centric blood and enhances natural hair growth.
    • Chandan: Chandan (20 mg) fights bacteria and increases healthy hair growth.
    • Kaali Mehandi: 30 mg of this in the product conditions and blackens the hair naturally.
    • Daru Haldi: There is 10 mg of Daru Haldi, which contains antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and hypoglycaemic properties.
    • Gulab Phul: With just 20 mg content, you can expect lesser dandruff and oiliness.
    • Japa Pushp: We added 20 mg of this to nourish and stimulate hair growth.
    • Shikakai: 30mg of Shikakai is enough to promote hair nourishment and fight against issues like scabies and lice.
    • Black Onion Seeds: 10 mg of this is added for its high essential oil content, useful for hair nourishment.
    • Jatamansi: 40 mg of Jatamansi in this best Ayurvedic hair oil helps restart good hair growth.
    • Padmak: We put 5 mg of Padmak to reduce hair fall. It helps reduce headaches as well.
    • Peppermint: This (2 gm content) nourishes the scalp and reduces hair loss.
    • Neem Patra: 3 gm of this reduces dandruff and protects scalp and hair from bacteria or damage.
    • Reetha: 5 mg of this reduces dandruff and flaky scalp skin.
    • Sugandhbala: We put in 5 mg of this to strengthen hair roots and increase hair growth.
    • Brahmi: 20mg of this helps reduce hair loss and gives thick black hair.

    Benefits of Using Ayuugain Ayurvedic Hair Oil

    • Reduces dandruff: This hair oil nourishes the scalp and reduces the possibility of dandruff.
    • Shine in the hair: The vitamins in the ingredients nourish the hair follicles and moisturize the dry hair. This makes the hair appear shiny.
    • Less grey hair: The natural ingredients in this Ayurvedic Hair Oil cools and control the excess amount of Pitta present in the scalp. That reduces premature greying.
    • Low split ends: This oil is useful for repairing the damaged and split ends naturally. It works quicker than most other alternatives.
    • Better hair growth: People who use this oil would get the proper nutrients that are necessary for hair growth. Plus, this oil protects the hair from further damage as well.

    Direction to Use

    You can use this Ayurvedic oil for hair and scalp as you need for your hair length and density. Take the required amount or a standard 5-10 ml of the oil in your hands. Massage it into your scalp and hair properly for 10 to 15 minutes approximately. Here, make sure you apply the oil from the roots to the hair ends thoroughly. Then, keep it on for an hour before washing your hair. Furthermore, you can wrap the oiled hair in a hair wrap or towel overnight. This would produce better results and would nourish your hair thoroughly. In the morning, wash out the oil and style as you prefer.


    Safety Instructions

    • For external use only
    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Read the label carefully before use
    • Keep out of reach of the children

    Return Policy

    This Product is Non-Returnable.

    Product Information

    Country of Origin India
    Expiry Date Jan 2026
    Brand Name AYUUGAIN
    Pack Size
    100 ml
    Pack Type Dispenser Bottle
    Marketed By Adidev Organics
    100% Pure Ayurvedic Products No Harmful Chemicals Added
    Customer Care Helpline Call: +91-7719716161
    Free Shipping Pan India No Minimum Order Amount Limit
    100% Pure Ayurvedic Products No Harmful Chemicals Added
    Customer Care Helpline Call: +91-7719716161
    Free Shipping Pan India No Minimum Order Amount Limit