Constipation - The Severe Problem Faced By Many

Constipation - The Severe Problem Faced By Many

Constipation is a severe problem, faced by a lot of people nowadays. It causes individuals to feel fatigued and sluggish. It causes discomfort, irregular bowel movements, fatigue, skin breakouts, and weakens the immune system. A person with an ill-digestive system is engulfed with various mood swings and anxiety problems.

Constipation happens when bowel movements are less than normal days. One could identify they are facing the problem of constipation if their stools become difficult to pass and are inconsistent.

Our bowel movements depend on various factors like fiber, exercise, and diet. The primary cause is an unhealthy diet and routine, as well as a lack of fiber intake. For example, a diet of high-fiber creates larger stools to pass while low-fiber stools create smaller stools. By adding a high-fiber diet to our daily routine we can lessen the problem of constipation. The main symptoms of constipation are stomach ache, nausea, feeling bloated, and loss of appetite.

 These usually occur when your colon absorbs too much water from your stools which makes it difficult for it to pass through. To overcome this severe problem and live a happy life, it is important to follow a healthy diet, stick to a proper routine and take medications.
What are the Causes of Constipation?
Dehydration: When you don't drink enough water, it heats your body and causes severe stomach issues like acidity, bloating, and constipation. So to keep your system clean, you should drink enough water.
Unhealthy Diet: Unhealthy diet highly affects our digestive system. Low fiber diet and diet that is enriched with milk and cheese worsen our digestive system and lead to constipation. An unhealthy diet is the biggest reason for all stomach issues.
Exercise: Lack of exercise leads to low metabolism and an unhealthy lifestyle. Because of the lack of movement of our body, our body becomes stiff and the food we eat on daily basis is not able to be digested properly on account of which we suffer from various stomach issues. Physical activities help in peristaltic movements. The peristaltic movement is necessary for a bowel movement and this is the main reason people with more physical activity suffer less from constipation as compared to people who don’t exercise.
Stress:  Stress is the root cause of various health-related problems. In the lifestyle, we are prevailing, stress is a common factor faced by a lot of people from young to old age groups. This stress affects our system and causes acidity which in turn leads to an ill -digestive system and poor health.
Dairy Products: Some people are allergic to dairy products like milk and curd. It doesn’t suit their system and leads them to suffer problems like constipation. Even people are advised to not take dairy products when suffering from constipation as it may worsen the situation.
 Pregnancy: Women during their pregnancy time usually suffer from constipation due to the hormonal changes they go through, and their uterus during the pregnancy days may compress the intestines which may slow down the process of passing food.
Aging: Even old age or aging can lead to the problem of constipation. As in old age, our metabolism slows down which causes our digestive system to work at a lesser pace and slows down the process of bowel movements, and leads to stomach aches and nausea.
Routine Changes: Change in our routine, working long hours, and night shifts lead to a drastic impact on our digestion and create various gastric problem which turns into problems like constipation, diarrhea, and much more.
Not going to Loo at the proper time: When your body asks for going to the toilet, but because of laid back attitude you go late and delays in that which makes our digestive system worsens on account of which we suffer from constipation or inconsistent bowel movement and are stools find it hard to pass as the food is not properly digested.

How to Identify That You are Suffering from Constipation?


Various symptoms tell us that we are suffering from constipation. Here are some of the symptoms which make us aware of constipation. If you are suffering from the following problems it means your system is upset and you are suffering from a severe problem of constipation.


  • Symptoms of Constipation: 


Passing fewer stools than usual

  • Stools are hard and lumpy
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Feeling lethargic
  • Abdominal pain
  • When you feel bloated or uncomfortable.
  • Nausea 


Constipation Relief Remedies

1. Eat Plenty of Water: One should drink plenty of water if they are suffering from constipation. Your body needs to stay hydrated and water really helps to pass the food and provides you with much-needed relief. 

2. Intake More of fiber: High – fiber diet consists of fruits and vegetables enriched with proteins and calcium helps to give strength to our stomach and digestive system and makes our stomach healthy and strong.

3. Exercise: Exercising daily will help to move up our body and charge up our cells which helps in digestion more speedily at a higher rate. Exercise also helps in keeping your system clean and proper functioning of your digestive system hence helping in the smooth functioning of your body. Exercise daily in order to keep your body away from constipation.

4. Avoid Eating Dairy Products: As discussed above intake of milk and other dairy-related products can worsen the condition of the one who is suffering from constipation. Hence if one is suffering from constipation he/she should avoid taking dairy-related products as it may worsen the situation and can deteriorate your health.

5. Avoid Intake of Processed Food & Caffeine: Processed food like chips, biscuits, and bread is not much good for the stomach and is low in fiber. Eating them on regular basis may worsen our digestive and immune systems on account of which we may suffer from constipation. Even caffeine is not good for the body and intake of caffeine in larger amounts may worsen our digestive system.

Stomach issues have become part of life, especially in this era when our lifestyle has totally changed. In this fast-paced world, our lifestyle has changed due to wrong food habits, lack of exercise, and water intake which leads to problems like acidity, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. But proper intake of fiber & fluid, a healthy diet, certain homemade routines, and small changes to your routine will help you to cure stomach issues to a larger extent and provide you with a stronger stomach and a healthy digestive system.

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